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From standard goods to oversized or specialized cargo, our ocean freight service can accommodate a wide range of shipment types. Our experts ensure your cargo is loaded, secured, and delivered with precision

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The global business environment is a complex one success depends on the ability of company executives to make key decisions quickly.Subsequently, in order to meet their client’s demands, those in the logistics industry have had to become more flexible, innovative and customer focused; whilst at the same time providing competitive rates. No company understands this better than RAMI TRANS EXPRESS CARGO.
Since its inception in 2004, our team has had a passion and determination for providing customers with an unbeatable service. From those who do the planning, tracking and checking to those who carry out the physical execution of the shipment, each has an eye for detail and is an expert in their field. Together, we are here to make the shipping of your goods a smooth and trouble-free operation

Our increased global presence combined with our ability to collectively negotiate lower rates, has positioned us as a real alternative to the large multinationals.

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