Drawing on experience in securing & lashing 2, 3, 4 and 5 cars in a container we can provide customer with cost-effective, safe and reliable sea transportation needs. All Cars are secured with the highest grade of packing material, and heavy duty lashing equipment to secure your valuable cargo to withstand sea travel. we specialize in stuffing & lashing – light vehicles / heavy vehicles and we have specialized professional staff with expertise in car care.

Loading 3 cars in container will save you a lot of money. we are professionals in lashing cars and heavy equipment with PVC and chain lashing. our logistics center is equipped with all facilities needed for the lashing of any vehicle in containers. Luxury cars are part of Dubai life .But when you move from Dubai , probably think of leaving all your adventure rides and fun ? CONCORD Logistics can help you to export your luxury vehicles and customized automobiles from Dubai or import from other parts of the world, CONCORD Logistics got years of industry experience , a fleet of specialized moving equipment, and a global network of top-rated partners. Our affordable and easy Car shipping services are time and cost-effective

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